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Cabinet Refacing Can Help Bartow, FL Homeowners Get More from Their Remodeling Budget

Cabinet Refacing Bartow FLWhen planning a kitchen remodel, many Bartow, FL homeowners intend to purchase brand new cabinets – yet cabinet refacing is a much more budget-friendly investment. When you add up all of the costs associated with brand new cabinetry, the job can easily run into the $10,000 range. Refacing, on the other hand, leaves plenty of room in your budget for other kitchen renovations – but provides you with equally impressive results.

With cabinet refacing, you’ll enjoy the same aesthetic upgrade that new cabinetry can provide. Aside from the size and placement cabinets, you can change nearly any aspect of their appearance – from the color of the wood to the style of the hardware. You can even replace your cabinet doors and drawers with a much more contemporary set.

From start to finish, a typical cabinet refacing job takes just three to four days. Your Bartow home won’t be turned into a hectic construction zone for weeks on end.

First, we’ll strip your kitchen cabinets down to the boxes. We’ll then add real-wood paneling to the exterior of the cabinet frames; this is what you’ll see from the front or the side of your newly refaced cabinets.

Secondly, we’ll install new doors and drawer fronts, in the same wood grain and finish as the paneling. You can choose from a number of designer-inspired styles, with options ranging from sleek and modern or ornate and engraved.

As the final step in the cabinet refacing process, we’ll install all-new door handles, hinges, and drawer knobs. Our hardware choices include gold-tone, silver-tone, and bronze-tone options.

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