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Our Lakeland, FL Cabinet Refacing Services can Help You Stretch your Remodeling Budget

Cabinet Refacing Lakeland FLRemodeling your Lakeland, FL kitchen can be a big investment – but with cabinet refacing, you can get more for your money.

New cabinets often retail for several hundred dollars each. A full set can easily climb into the thousands – and that’s not even figuring in the installation costs. Cabinet refacing, however, brings new life to the kitchen cabinets you already have. There’s no demolition work, far fewer required materials, and less labor involved in getting the job done.

Refacing, in essence, is a smart way to breathe new life into old cabinets. Our refacing team will re-panel your existing cabinet boxes, add brand new matching doors, and finish the job off with eye-catching new hardware. The results are almost indistinguishable from a complete cabinet replacement; only you will know you chose the more economical option!

Here at Kitchen-Center of Central Florida, we offer premium cabinet refacing materials in a wide selection of styles. Choose from:

Our Lakeland cabinet refacing contactors are fully licensed and insured, and can handle most special requests with ease. Whether you’d like to reface the cabinets you already have, add cabinets to your existing configuration, or include other kitchen renovations with your cabinet remodeling services, we’ll help you create a cost-effective plan of action. Most of our traditional refacing projects are finished in just three to four days. Best yet, we use a low-mess, low-noise process that won’t introduce harmful chemicals to your home the way that cabinet refinishing would.

Ready to learn more about our innovative cabinet refacing services? Contact our Lakeland, FL kitchen design team for additional information.

For a free quote, call 813-915-6449.

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