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Cabinet Refacing in Pasadena

Cabinet Refacing - PasadenaA National Association of Home Builders survey indicates that kitchen remodeling is the second most popular home construction project in the country. From minor tweaks to major overhauls, there are hundreds of ways to update your Pasadena kitchen – but perhaps none are as efficient and economical as cabinet refacing.

This kitchen remodeling option repurposes the structural elements from your old cabinets while giving the rest of the unit a facelift. Wood paneling covers the old paint, and sleek new hardware gives it an even more modern feel and can help with your kitchen organization. It’s a perfect solution for washed-out cabinets that blend into the walls, or for too-dark cabinets that are giving the space a gloomy vibe.

How can you tell if your cabinets are a good candidate for cabinet refacing? Consider the following factors:

If your cabinets meet those three requirements, our remodeling services can help you achieve your dream kitchen. With literally thousands of possible combinations, you’re sure to find a kitchen design that meets your style preferences (and your budget).

Our Pasadena designers and engineers will help you make sure cabinet refacing is the right fit for your kitchen renovation. To quickly connect with your local team, enter your contact information into the following form.

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