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Cabinet Refacing Services for San Bernardino County, CA Homeowners

Cabinet Refacing - San BernardinoIf the time has come to remodel your San Bernardino County, CA kitchens, cabinet refacing services may be a better option than cabinet refinishing or replacement. Why opt for refacing instead of a complete overhaul? From finances to environmental friendliness, there are a number of reasons that homeowners prefer refacing over installing a brand new set of kitchen cabinetry.

For one, cabinet refacing can give your kitchen the updated appearance you want without requiring you to rip out your existing cabinetry. This can save a tremendous amount of money during a kitchen design project. Consider the fact that up to half the cost of a kitchen remodeling project goes to replacing the cabinets; you’ll save a significant amount for other undertakings. And, if you want added functionality, a refacing project can include custom hardware to help with kitchen organization.

Why does replacing cabinetry cost so much? Consider the fact that first one must pay for the demolition and removal of the old cabinetry, which can cost hundreds of dollars off the bat. Then, you need to think about materials. Whether you choose real wood or particle board cabinetry, the fact remains that the cost of wood-derived materials has gone up over the years due to numerous factors. However, when you can preserve your existing cabinetry, you will save yourself potentially thousands of dollars.

Another reason to choose cabinet refacing over cabinet refinishing is that you will be able to keep potentially harmful chemical from being used in your home. Think of it this way – when you have your cabinets refinished, paint and stain strippers, glues, and finishing materials all need to be used on site. However, when you choose cabinet refacing, your cabinetry will be refaced at a specially designated facility.

To learn more about cabinet refacing companies in San Bernardino County, be sure to check with your local Better Business Bureau, which can provide information on home remodeling firms that have received high ratings for great service and excellent products. Our team is also happy to start you off with a free, no-obligation kitchen design quote.

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