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Cabinet Refacing Services for Seal Beach, CA

Cabinet Refacing - Seal BeachIf you’re looking to remodel the kitchen in your Seal Beach, CA, home, perhaps you’ve heard about cabinet refacing, but aren’t sure why it’s a better option that alternatives such as cabinet replacement or cabinet refinishing. While every kitchen design project has its own pros and cons, refacing boasts many distinct advantages over refinishing or replacement. In fact, it’s particularly well suited to homeowners who are trying to stay within a specific budget, or those who want to minimize the environmental impact of their work.

One of the most significant reasons that countless homeowners choose cabinet refacing services is that it can save thousands of dollars over the cost of replacing cabinetry. And, you can still get the benefits of replacement cabinets by having custom hardware installed to help with kitchen organization.

Consider the following: the cost of replacing cabinets can amount to half of a typical kitchen remodeling bill. That’s a potentially staggering sum of money. Wouldn’t those funds be better reapportioned to other causes, such as financing for a dream vacation, taking care of college tuition for your children, paying for another home remodeling project, or even just building savings for a rainy day?

Cabinet refinishing is a messy job, and usually it is one that must take place right in your home. It’s bad enough that you would have to contend with the dust and debris associated with cabinet refinishing, but what’s more, the job would be going on in a setting that is not designed to appropriately handle the chemicals associated with cabinet refinishing.

Fumes from strippers, glues, paint, and stains will be released into the air, contaminating both your indoor environment as well as the outdoor environment. Without specific ventilation techniques, you and your family would be exposed to these less-than-healthy vapors. And not only could this potentially harm your health and that of your family, but it also sends major pollution into the atmosphere.

Conversely, when cabinet refacing is done for your Seal Beach home, the job will be handled in a facility that is designed to trap the release of fumes, keeping toxins out of your home and from the greater environment. Interested in learning more? Get a price today.

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