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Cabinet Refacing Services in Whittier, California

Whittier, CA homeowners often choose cabinet refacing when the time comes to remodel their kitchen. If you’re planning a remodeling project of your own, this option may be something you should consider. Whether you live in Pico Rivera, La Habra, Hacienda Heights, Rowland Heights, or any other area near East Los Angeles, we’re happy to help you decide if refacing your cabinetry is right for you.

Cabinet Refacing - Whittier CA

Why is this kitchen design option so popular? The short answer is, affordability and customization. If you want to remodel your kitchen without breaking the bank or settling for a sub-par design, then refacing your cabinets is the best way to go.

Price Savings

Consider this: a typical kitchen remodeling project costs $45,000 or more. About half of that bill goes toward replacing the cabinets. Any savings in the new cabinetry department can easily translate to ten thousand dollar savings – or more!

We’re able to save you so much by repurposing the cabinets you already have. Our contractors don’t have to tear the existing fixtures off the walls, re-blueprint the layout, or install a brand new set of cabinets. By making a few selective upgrades to the cabinet doors, side panels, and hardware, you’re able to get the new look you have in mind at a tremendous discount.

Design Advantages

The truth is, many homeowners needlessly replace their cabinets, when all they really had to do was reface them to achieve the results they wanted. Cabinet replacement is only a necessary task when the walls need to be torn down, or when the cabinets need to be reconfigured to accommodate a kitchen expansion. When it’s just a matter of design, cabinet refacing offers the best benefits – every single time.

If you like the overall layout of your kitchen design but want to bring the décor into the modern era, cabinet refacing lets you mix and match contemporary styles to get the look you have in mind. Whether that’s modern or classic, bold or monochrome, you’re able to achieve a wider range of styles than you would by opting for a pre-fabricated cupboard.

Our BBB-accredited contractors can start you off with a free quote. Just let us know what you’re interested in choosing for your La Miranda, Santa Fe Springs, Whitteir or Los Nietos home, and we’ll start you off with a no-obligation quote.

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