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Cabinet Refinishing Vs. Cabinet Refacing – What Garden Grove, CA, Homeowners Need to Know

When planning kitchen renovations, homeowners in Garden Grove, California often have to compare cabinet refinishing to cabinet refacing. Both are popular options for visually upgrading the space – but when it comes down to it, refacing often edges out refinishing for the final choice.

Cabinet Refinishing - Garden Grove, CARefacing not only gives homeowners more value for their investment, but it also gives them more versatility as well. Cabinet refinishing consists only of sanding, staining, and lacquering; refacing gives you all new components in your choice of designs and shades. Both are financially comparable, but the quality of refinishing is far superior.

Beginning to believe that cabinet refacing is a better option than cabinet refinishing? Consider a few more advantages of the exclusive refacing services we offer in Garden Grove:

Interested in learning more? Let our Garden Grove, CA team give you a free quote. From there you can make the final decision about cabinet refacing vs. cabinet refinishing!

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