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Considering Cabinet Refinishing or Cabinet Refacing for Your Home in Hesperia, CA? We’ll Help You Decide

If you’re considering cabinet refinishing for your Hesperia, California home, you may want to explore a few other options before committing. You may even discover than another renovation – such as cabinet refacing – could be a much better value.

Cabinet Refinishing - HesperiaAt its core, cabinet refinishing is nothing more than sanding down your existing cabinets and topping them off with a fresh coat of paint. It alters the color, but not much else. Cabinet refacing, on the other hand, can bring a completely new feel to the cabinets you already have.  The basic shelving structure remains in place, but all of the other components are replaced with attractive new options. Carved doors, shiny hardware, and contemporary wood panels completely overhaul the cabinet boxes for a fresh feel.

Another advantage of cabinet refacing over cabinet refinishing is the attention to detail. Our Hesperia team goes through a very specific process for each job:

If you’d like more information about cabinet refacing and cabinet refinishing, feel free to call us at 1-888-717-5254. Our Hesperia team can explain our services and options, or provide you with a free estimate for your desired kitchen renovation.

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