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Thinking About Cabinet Refinishing for Your Home in Inland Empire, CA? Consider Cabinet Refacing As an Alternative

At first glance, cabinet refinishing sounds like a reasonable solution for the outdated cabinets in your Inland Empire, CA home. But once you realize that it does little more than change the color of the cabinets you already have, it becomes a bit less appealing. Perhaps cabinet refacing would be a better way to achieve the results you have in mind?

Cabinet Refinishing - Inland Empire, CA For a generally comparable price, you’ll be able to add the elements you truly want, rather than settling for a slightly-changed version of what you already have. At the same time, you get to avoid the costs of a brand new set of cabinets.

To put it simply, cabinet refinishing involves nothing more than sanding down your cabinetry, staining your cabinets, and applying a coat of lacquer to give them a new shine. Underneath, it will still be those same cabinet doors and drawer fronts that made you want to improve the look of your cabinetryin the first place. It’s sad but true; after your cabinets have been refinished you may very well feel as though you’re back at square one.

On the other hand, cabinet refacing allows for much more creativity and personalization than cabinet refinishing does. You keep the boxes, but add gorgeous new doors, drawer fronts, wood panels, and hardware for kitchen organization. There are literally thousands of options.

Want to compare the costs of cabinet refinishing and cabinet refacing? Just call our Inland Empire, CA team today, or request an estimate online.


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