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Kitchen Remodeling Services for Residents in Rancho Cucamonga, California

Kitchen Remodeling - Rancho CucamongaThroughout Rancho Cucamonga and Alta Loma, CA, homeowners turn to Kitchen-Center California for their kitchen remodeling needs. We’ve worked with homeowners who want to improve the appearance of their cabinets, make their storage more functional, add granite countertops, re-finish the floors, and nearly any other remodeling project that can be done in the kitchen. No matter what’s driving your desire to renovate the room, we’ll make sure your design dreams become a reality. (We may even be able to help you improve the resale value of your house!)

Chances are you already have a vague idea of what you’d like to spend on your overall project. But have your considered how your kitchen remodeling budget will be allocated within the individual projects? These days, the typical kitchen remodel runs around $45,000, with new appliances and cabinets eating up large respective portions of that total.

Trimming Expenses

With our practical renovations, you can trim some of the biggest expenses into slightly more manageable figures (in turn leaving more funds for accessories and décor). For instance, our signature cabinet refacing can completely make over the appearance of your cabinetry – from the door styles to the hardware – and saves you the expense of buying a brand new set. (Labor is also greatly reduced, since you don’t have to rip out your old cabinets or configure new shelving.) This step alone can save you thousands of dollars, and leave you with a higher quality cabinet set than many on the market today.

Our other kitchen design options include:

We’re happy to give you a free quote for your consideration. Just let us know how to reach you, and our Rancho Cucamonga kitchen remodeling team will send along a no-obligation price estimate.

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